Conception:- Ovulation, Fertilization, Implantation Everything You Have to Know to get Pregnant


Conception is the Process where a fertilized egg implant in Uterus for beginning of new life, which is initiating the journey of Human Development. In this Article we Give Information about Conception For which You Landed up here.

What are the Meaning of these words?

  • Ovulation Meaning

Ovulation means released of matured egg from ovary for menstrual cycle and pregnancy. God created a female in such a way that from her a new life come into this World. Every month women Ovulate to give birth to new life, if those matured Egg attract by Sperm. Then it will Fertilized and the pregnancy journey starts and if the matured Egg does not found any Sperm then with in 24hr the egg will destroy with in tube and after 14 days your menstrual cycle start.

  • Fertilization Meaning

Fertilization is the process in which male gamete “sperms” and female gametes “Egg” or “Ovum” are fused together, initiating the development of a new organism. Fertilization Occur in Fallopian tube in Female Reproductive system. In this process the sperm and egg under goes different cell cycle to became one.

  • Implantation Meaning

After fertilization the product under go different cell cycles and enter the “uterus” or “Womb” Around 5th day after ovulation. Now that Fertilized product which is now “embryo” adheres to the uterus wall, this process is called Implantation.

What are the Timelines of Conception?

If your Menstrual Cycle is regular Means You have Your Period every Month around 28days to 30days of interval then you can predict your Conceptional Process.

  • 14 days prior to your next period Ovulation occur
  • with in 24 to 48hr the Egg become fertilized
  • Around 5 days after fertilization the fertilized product enter into uterus in the form of “morula” which is 16 cell stage
  • Within uterus the morula stay for 2 day and became blastocyst
  • Then in the form of Blastocyst the “Embryo” implant in uterus around
  • From here now the implanted Embryo get blood supply and then further developmental process start.

Where the process of Conception Occur?

  • Ovulation occur at Ovary and the released matured egg or Ovum enter into fallopian tube.
  • Then Fertilization occur at “Ampulla” which is part of fallopian tube.
  • After fertilization it enters into Uterus
  • And then Implantation occur at uterine wall

The Whole process is called Conception and the sites are Important for the Conception process.

When Pregnancy Test will be positive after conception?

A positive pregnancy test shows a successful conception by detect of  hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) which is pregnancy hormone in a woman's urine or blood which denotes as a Positive pregnancy test. Best to do Home Pregnancy test after You missed Your period for accurate test result.

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When You should you Have Sex to conceive?

To increase the possibility of conception

- Regular sexual activity is advised throughout a woman's menstrual cycle except when you bleed.

-At the time of Ovulation which is AKA "reproductive window", which typically 14 days prior to your next cycle, is when conception is most likely to occur. 

-You also Use Ovulation Kit To predict Ovulation Which help you to  increase chances for Conception.

Did you feel Conception?

No, there is no obious such sign and symptoms for predict conception. All you can do for some hint about Ovulation by Monitoring Your Body Basal Temperature and Cervical thickness Consistency which can help You to know your ovulatory day from which you can also predict the day of conception.

Sign & Symptoms after Conception to Predict Pregnancy

After conception, several signs and symptoms that can indicate that you might have pregnancy. these includes


  • Missed period.
  • Implantation bleeding
  • Breast changes
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Frequent urination
  • Food aversions or cravings
  • Mood swings
  • Heightened sense of smell


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What are the important Steps Towards Conception?

1.Entery of Sperm in Female reproductive system

2.Sperm Transport- From Cervix to site of Fallopian tube where egg is waiting for them process is called transport of sperm.  How much time it takes it certainly not clear but approximately it takes several minutes to several hours.

3. Egg Transport- At the time of Ovulation A matured Egg Ruptured From ovary and with the help of fimbria (finger like structure of fallopian tube) it enters into ovary. Where at Ampulla (it is also a part of fallopian tube) it stelled down and wait for Sperm to get fertilize together.  

4.Fertilization – As early discuss it is the process of meeting of two Gonads which are Ovum and Sperm by which a new life going to come in this World.

What can You do to Maximizing Your Fertility?

following tips may help improve your fertility:

1.Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly

2.Understand Your Menstrual Cycle:

  • Track your ovulation
  • Have regular intercourse mainly during your fertile window.

3.Take Care of Your Sexual Health:

  • Practice safe sex: Minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Get regular check-ups

4. Level of stress

  • High levels of stress can disrupt hormone balance and negatively impact fertility. Engage in stress-reducing activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, or hobbies that you enjoy.

5.Avoid Harmful Substances:

  • Quit smoking
  • Quit alcohol intake
  • Avoid recreational drugs: Illicit drugs

6.Seek Medical Advice:

  • If you've been actively trying to conceive for a year without success (or six months if you're over 35), consider consulting a healthcare provider for a fertility evaluation.


Q1.How long does it usually take to conceive?

Ans. Approximately 84% of couples will conceive within a year of actively trying. Age, overall health, and reproductive health, on the other hand, can all affect the time it takes to conceive.

Q2.When is the best time to have sexual relations in order to conceive?

Ans. The best time to have sexual encounters for the purpose of conception is within the woman's reproductive window, which occurs around ovulation. This is usually 12-14 days before the start of the next menstrual period.

Q3.How can I increase my chances of becoming pregnant?

Ans. A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management can increase your chances of becoming pregnant.